December Roundup: Prime Minister’s Visit to China, National Opinion Poll Results, Publications on Canada-China Relations, Political Mobilization, Economic Relations, and more…

Posted On: January 4, 2018

The highlight of Canada-China relations in December was Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s visit to China. China is of critical importance to Canada, and maintaining a balanced relationship with the Middle Kingdom is a continuing objective of the Canadian government. Ahead of this important visit, the China Research Partnership hosted its second Interview Series. We asked CRP experts to weigh in on three questions: 1) How should the Canadian government proceed to ‘get China right’?; 2) Should Canada launch free trade negotiations with China?; and, 3) What is at stake for Canada in the U.S.-China relationship? Phil Calvert (U of A), Joseph Caron (UBC), and Hugh Stephens (APF Canada) participated in this second Interview Series on Canada-China relations. You can read their commentaries here.

The Prime Minister’s China visit also led to many articles published by CRP’s experts. Here are a few examples, click here for the complete list of publications.

Beyond the Prime Minister’s visit, it was a busy few weeks at the China Research Partnership: Our partner organizations hosted various events related to China’s economic, political, social, and cultural development, and Canada-China relations. Experts also published on a variety of related topics. Here are some highlights:

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