May/June Roundup: National Opinion Poll 2018-Results on Canadian Views of China, Publications on Canada’s Rejection of Aecon Takeover, China’s Role in the NK Crisis, Two New Web Series, Reports on Chinese SOEs in Canada, China’s Role in Global Governance

Posted On: June 25, 2018

On June 5, the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (APF Canada) released the results of its 2018 Annual Opinion Poll on Canadians views of Asia. Since 2004, APF Canada has been conducting nationwide surveys to assess Canadians’ attitudes toward countries in the Asia Pacific and their perceptions of Canada-Asia relations. The NOP is a traditional long-form survey that covers a wide range of countries and topics. Specifically regarding China, this year’s survey shows that: 

China Research Partnership – May/June 2018 Highlights

May and June have been two busy months at the China Research Partnership. Researchers from our partner institutions published many articles, reports, blogs, op-eds, etc. Since May 1, more than 30 publications were added to the list of Canadian publications on China, here are some highlights:

Our partners also held several conferences and events on Canada-China relations. For example, the China Institute held its annual conference on Canada-China economic relations on May 17. You can read the summary report here. And on June 1, the Canada-China Institute for Business and Development held a very timely conference on the complex trade relationship between Canada, China, and the United States. You can look at coverage of this event here

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